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Martin Metcalfe

"Never mind those late night docs on BBC Four, Scenes, which is published by Edinburgh's Word Power Books, is an album of snapshots of the 1980s in Scotland as they really were". THE HERALD, Keith Bruce Arts editor 22/11/2014

'This project is really going to get people thinking' BBC RADIO SCOTLAND, Janice Forsyth The Culture Studio, 01/12/2014

SCENES- hand numbered very limited edition 10" Book and 10" Vinyl Album.
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’These scenes say,
While we waited,
You came and came inside us.
You thought that you had known us,
You thought that you had had us,
You thought that we were gone.
You guessed there was an exit,
As there had been an entrance.
You were wrong.’

SCENES is a series of paintings by Edinburgh-based artist Martin Metcalfe. The exhibit includes poetic commentaries from Japan-based British writer Paul Hullah. Metcalfe and Hullah will supplement and extend SCENES by way of various multi-media performance events (live music and poetry, with visual enhancements) in Edinburgh over the summer (dates to be announced) and, thereafter, it is hoped, internationally, in order to creatively readdress and reassess the exhibition and concept and bring this new and original artwork to a wider audience.

Metcalfe's art is rooted in Modernism. In particular, he consciously savors and upholds the freedom that German Expressionism bequeathed to bolder painters. Hullah’s poetry inhabits a similarly liberated, adventurous perspective. Poignant and candid, SCENES creatively maps a period of Edinburgh’s history during which both were able to view and interact with the striking people and events documented here first hand.

SCENES dramatically and emotively recreates experiences of the subcultures and cliques of an important but woefully undocumented era in the Capital's history: 1980 to 1990. During this time of outsiders, insiders, and loners, the city housed a vibrant, fecund musical creativity, which has been ignored by both mainstream and underground socio-cultural and artistic histories of the 20th century.



Electro Side The Filthy Tongs feat Paul Hullah poetry
Captain Kidd Mixes

Track 1 Lethe Walks
Track 2 Remember Where You Are
Track 3 I'm on your side, Ophelia

Side 2

Bands Side

Track 1: Crewcut (1997 very hi quality Demo) The Filthy Tongues
Track 2 : Ugly Child (1997 very hi quality Demo) The Filthy Tongues
Track 3: Fragments (1985 Demo) Kitsch & The Night Set

 This is a very limited edition book of images by Metcalfe and poetry by his old friend Paul Hullah. The book will be accompanied by a 10" vinyl record containing amongst other things 3 new electro tracks by THE FILTHY TONGUES featuring Paul Hullah. 


'PICTUREMAKER" Exhibition November 2013



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